2021 Adopted Ordinances

Ordinances are listed in order of adoption (oldest to newest).
  • Ordinance 1-2021 (PDF): An ordinance deleting Article XIX entitled "Transfer of Development Credits," under Chapter 166 of the Code of the Township entitled Land Use and Development.
  • Ordinance 2-2021 (PDF): An ordinance amending Section 141-7 entitled "Basis For Establishing Areas of Special Flood Hazard" under Article II entitled 'General Provisions' of Chapter 141 of the Code of the Township entitled 'Floodplain Management'
  • Ordinance 3-2021 (PDF): An ordinance amending and supplementing Chapter 166 of the Code of the Township entitled 'Land Use Development Legislation' in order to revise the Stormwater Management Requirements for major development in order to comply with State regulations and to promote the objectives of Stormwater Management.
  • Ordinance 4-2021 (PDF): An ordinance amending and supplementing Chapter 166 of the Code of the Township with the establishment of a new Article XXIXD3 entitled "RM-7 Residence District"
  • Ordinance 5-2021 (PDF): An ordinance amending and supplementing Section 125-4 entitled "Recreation Department Fees" under Chapter 125 of the Code of the Township with the inclusion of new membership fees for 2021
  • Ordinance 6-2021 (PDF): An ordinance authorizing a two and a half percent (2.5%) increase in the appropriation limit of the Township's calendar year 2021 Current Fund Budget and further establishing a cap bank.
  • Ordinance 7-2021 (PDF): An ordinance reducing the two-cent ($0.02) per hundred ($100.00) dollars of assessed valuation Dedicated Open Space Trust Fund Tax rate to one cent ($0.01) per hundred (4100.00) during the calendar year 2021 and further authorizing the Township's Chief Municipal Finance Officer to collect the dedicated tax.
  • Ordinance 8-2021 (PDF): An ordinance authorizing payment of $472,090 from the Township's Mandatory Development/Affordable Housing Trust Fund Account to ARC/Morris County Chapter, New Jersey as the Township's contribution toward the construction of 4 units of affordable housing within a community residence for the developmentally disabled to be located at 70 Whippany Road.
  • Ordinance 9-2021 (PDF): An ordinance authorizing the resurfacing of South Jefferson Road from Ukraine Road to Eden Lane in the Whippany section of the Township and transferring $280,000 from the 2021 Current Fund Budget to the 2021 Capital Improvement Fund for the financing of the project.
  • Ordinance 10-2021 (PDF): An ordinance amending Section 6 of Ordinance 9-2019 which authorized the acquisition of approximately 65 acres of Open Space Land owned by the New Jersey Department of Transportation and designated as Routes 24-178, Section 9. excess surplus property no longer needed for freeway construction by supplementing the appropriation of $500,000 with an additional $100,000 to be taken from the Township's Open Space Trust Fund account which funds shall be reimbursed from the Township's Green Acres Program Planning Incentive Grant.
  • Ordinance 11-2021 (PDF): An ordinance prohibiting the operation of any cannabis businesses within its geographical boundaries and amending Chapter 120 of the Code of Township entitled 'Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia